Our Clients


The Iocane philosophy is “Differentiated on Excellence”. Every client is critical to Iocane and will receive excellent client service.

Iocane's clients know us as a professional-service organisation that delivers solutions with tangible, ongoing business benefits. Providing our clients with a fully integrated IT service – including infrastructure design, management and support – has been the Iocane philosophy from day one.

Clients come to us looking for greater levels of integration to remove islands of knowledge, storage, processing power and other factors from within their IT environment. Iocane works closely with clients to develop integrated business solutions that meet immediate business needs while providing scope and scalability for the future.

Iocane takes the long-term view and builds ongoing relationships by becoming a strategic partner through fully understanding client business drivers and needs. When working as a strategic partner, Iocane leverages its broad industry and technical experience to provide business oriented solutions that are innovate and cost effective while meeting required performance and availability objectives.