By Josh Maddern, Account Manager

There are so many cloud services available in the marketplace today, it can be a challenging exercise to determine what’s right for your business. There are private, public and hybrid clouds and a raft of ICT services that can run across them.

The reality is your business is more than likely to already be using some type of cloud. The virtualisation of on-premise servers has resulted in many businesses running a “private cloud” before the term was even invented. If an external organisation is hosting your company’s website for example, then this service is provided via a public cloud. External anti-spam email filtering is another common cloud service.

So why should you take the leap and leverage the broader business benefits of cloud computing? 

Cloud computing continues to gain momentum, offering secure, easily accessible capabilities, custom solutions and scalable, flexible availability. Key benefits include:

  • Scalability: you can scale you operational and storage requirements up and down quickly as needs change
  • Reduced cost: Moving to cloud computing will reduce the cost – as well as the time and stress – associated with managing and maintaining your ICT
  • Business continuity: Having your data stored in the cloud ensures it is safe, easily accessible, backed up and protected
  • Flexibility: Cloud computing offers far greater flexibility in work practices, facilitating a “virtual office” with access anytime and anywhere

Different cloud models serve different purposes and needs.

We partner with you to develop your cloud strategy. Effective design, implementation and ongoing management are essential for the success of cloud integration within your business.

Our solutions combine the right balance of cost, scalability, flexibility, security, ease of implementation and ICT support to meet your business needs.

By using our infrastructure to run all, or selected components, of your business systems, Iocane customers free up capital and in house IT personnel, allowing a focus on the delivery of real business value.