By Darren Squire, Account Manager

Iocane has been providing IT Managed Services for more than a decade and we pride ourselves on delivering a variety of flexible solutions that align with our clients’ needs.

With technology continually evolving and the number of ICT services growing, it is often overwhelming for businesses to navigate the myriad of service delivery solutions available. This has been intensified by the introduction of cloud computing, which offers even more options.

So what should you ask yourself when determining the right solution for your business? Start with the following:

  • Can you continue with your current in-house or external infrastructure, or do you need a combination of both?
  • Are there ‘Platform as a Service’ or ‘Software as a Service’ alternatives that will be more effective than your existing solution?
  • Can your staff manage all the solutions internally or do you need assistance? If so, what level of assistance is required?

While there are a number of model in existence to help explain IT service delivery and consumption, Iocane has developed its own version to help you work through the options. The diagram below shows the infrastructure and services stack for a selection of Iocane’s clients and the solutions we provide.

ICT Service Delivery Solutions | Iocane

Key takeaways from this model:

  • IT managed services can range from a simple service response commitment to complete IT service management – it’s up to you!
  • ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ does not automatically mean all your IT service requirements are met. It means you have a clean virtual machine on which to run your applications. Additional services are optional.
  • IT managed services free up internal ICT personnel and offer flexibility and predictable ICT management costs.

Every business will require a different solution.

We partner with you to determine your service level requirements based on your business needs and develop a tailored solution that delivers the right combination of tools and managed service activities.

Find out more about how our clients have benefited from Iocane’s managed ICT managed services and cloud services in our client case studies.