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Assets and how they relate to Risk Management

Assets Last time we talked about the benefits of an ISMS. The cornerstones of an ISMS are knowing what your assets are and then conducting Risk Management processes based on the value of those assets versus the value of the control against a likelihood and consequence matrix. Firstly, what do we mean by some of […]

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ISMS. Tick box or powerful tool, your choice.

ISMS – Information Security Management System, what’s it mean to you? Our people have consulted on ISMS development for some time. Recently we’ve had staff certified as PECB ISO\IEC 27001 lead implementers. For many, policy sounds pretty dry. Policy, Standards and Procedure is the stuff someone else usually does, or the stuff we’ve had for […]

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Cryptolocker and the ASD top 4 and 35

Crypto “levels up” ┬áIn recent developments of Cryptolocker variants, the added element of “scareware” has been introduced. Trading on the success of the “Jigsaw” character in the horror genre of movies, users are extorted more money as minutes pass and even more if the machine is re-booted. This added element of social engineering the user […]

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