By Andrew Smith, Account Manager

A new storage solution launched late last year called Virtual Storage Area Network, or VSAN, delivers the simplest storage platform currently available for virtual machines.

It has quickly proven itself to be an invaluable tool for many small to medium sized businesses, with low upfront investment coupled with the operational benefit of cutting the cost of storage ownership by up to 50 per cent.

VSAN is embedded into the hypervisor (the program that manages your virtual machines) and does not require any additional hardware or software. VSAN simply creates a flash optimised, highly resilient and secure shared data store designed specifically for the virtual – or Cloud – environment that can be accessed by all connected users.

Virtual Storage Area Network | Iocane

Key features and benefits 

  • Cost effective: straightforward installation and operation, avoiding the need to acquire expensive storage
  • Automated: scales up and down as and when needed and rebalances storage resources
  • High performance, with consistent, fast response times
  • Integration: speeds up storage provision and management through the integration of multiple components

At Iocane, we’re predicting the software will add an invaluable element for businesses that use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or applications, so we’ve added it to our Cloud Services.

Find out more about VSAN and how it could work with your business software by chatting with our Sales team.