At Iocane we apply our experience in building highly available infrastructure to the design and deployment of cloud computing solutions for our customers. We work with our customers to understand their business, then respond with solutions that are the right combination of external resources and existing company assets, pragmatically balancing performance, cost and risk. Cloud solutions are typically drawn from a combination of core elements and Iocane’s experience in integrating the various components to deliver an effective solution is key to our value.

Iocane Cloud

Iocane provides Infrastructure as a Service from our own secure multi-tenanted infrastructure that is located in datacentres in the CBD and metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.  Iocane cloud services deliver reliable, secure and cost effective infrastructure that is typically used by our customers as the platform to run their core systems.

Public Cloud

Public cloud service providers provide unique capabilities to rapidly scale up and down significant computing resources to service peak demand workloads. They can also provide an ideal platform for non-production workloads and data, such as for test and development, backup and archiving. Iocane work with the major public cloud providers to incorporate their offerings into customer solutions.

As a Service Offerings

Many organisations are seeking ways to reduce the risk and cost of delivering traditional IT services. Iocane have a range of cloud based solution offerings that can be utilised by our customers to deliver critical IT service functions, without the infrastructure and underlying management complexity. These services can be administered by your in house IT team, or by Iocane’s managed service team.

As a Service offerings include:

  • Backup and Archive
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Email
  • Email Security
  • Firewall and Web Security
  • Monitoring

Digital Workspace