Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers a smarter, more efficient way to protect and store data.

Whether your organisation is small to medium sized or a large enterprise, Iocane can work with you to find the right data recovery solution.

BaaS delivers an efficient data recovery solution that will take the hassle out of performing daily system backups and reduce risk to deliver continuity in ICT services management.

Our BaaS solution can also provide for disaster recovery and data archiving and integrate with existing hardware, software and infrastructure assets.


  • Daily backups and restore of your data from across your ICT environment to Iocane’s secure data centre (e.g. servers, storage arrays, desktops and laptop computers)
  • Data is backed up onto disk and is immediately accessible for restores via a simple web GUI
  • BaaS is ‘application aware’ allowing for the granular restoration of individual files and extends to customer desktops and laptops, allowing for the protection of data on individual computers which is generally not covered by ‘in house’ backup systems
  • Risk identification and risk assessment to identify potential threats to your ICT environment and the likelihood of those becoming reality
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week data centre monitoring and support
  • A world-class, secure platform to ensure your data cannot be accessed by other parties

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