In today’s technology-based world it’s rare not to have a smartphone, computer or tablet at your fingertips at all times.

We’re often working from a range of locations, tapping into multiple devices throughout the day to complete different tasks. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows for a streamlined approach, supporting the changing needs of businesses and delivering valuable benefits.


  • Security – you’ll always be using the most up to date software, with your data protected by seamless disaster recovery and high level security
  • Safety – if your device is broken or stolen, you won’t lose any data
  • Accessibility – you’ll have access to your desktop programs and apps via all of your devices, anytime and anywhere
  • Efficiency – save time and money by accessing quality ICT services without the need for a dedicated systems administrator and the ongoing requirement to upgrade company owned software and hardware
  • Flexibility – you can scale up or down DaaS, as needed
  • Resiliency – DaaS offers a fully redundant infrastructure, providing a highly resilient environment at lower cost
  • Increased productivity – your business will deliver smarter, more efficient work practices

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