Hyperconvergence is an extension of converged infrastructure, where multiple ICT components such as storage, computing, networking and server resources are tightly integrated into a single, optimised product. Hyperconvergence is the embodiment of the software-defined data centre. Based in software, it provides the flexibility and agility that business demands from IT.

Hyperconvergence (or hyperconverged infrastructure) is still an evolving technology, but has been receiving increased attention for its ability to simplify ICT, increase efficiency, enable seamless scalability, improve agility, and reduce costs.

We work closely with our vendor partners to develop and offer hyperconvergence solutions that allow businesses to consolidate their IT components into a single optimised platform with centralised management.

This solution addresses restrictions faced by businesses operating with traditional infrastructure, by allowing the integration of this existing infrastructure with cloud-scale IT to improve efficiency and agility.

Hyperconvergence is characterised by:

  • A software-centric design
  • Commodity x86 hardware components that combine computer, storage, and network switching functionality in a single shared resource pool with hypervisor technology
  • A single consumable IT system
  • A scalable ‘building block’ approach that expands by adding additional units
  • A high degree of automation
  • The ability to manage aggregated resources across nodes as a single federated system
  • Integrated data protection with policies and control at the virtual machine level
  • A single vendor design, delivery and support

Essentially, it offers the economic benefits of the cloud, while delivering high volume performance, availability, and reliability.

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