We work to understand your business and vision, ensuring your ICT strategy aligns with today’s needs and plans for the future.

Iocane’s no-nonsense approach to understanding your business focus and current requirements, as well as your growth strategy, enables us to develop an ICT plan to improve business performance by aligning with your business objectives.

Working as an extension to your team, we bring a fresh perspective and analysis, as well as knowledge of the latest technology innovations. Then we apply our expertise and experience to formulate a strategy that delivers bottom line results.

Smart ICT design that delivers real results for your business is the Iocane difference and our guarantee to you.

We’ll deliver a capital and operational plan that can be used as a platform to align business and ICT objectives, while providing flexibility and adaptability.

We know that technology is there to simply help you execute your business strategy, so Iocane’s solution design and architecture will always be functional, easy to use, will integrate well and align perfectly to your business objectives. Find out more about our Design Architecture Solutions.

How do we do it? Our ICT consulting service works through the basics, including:

  • Defining your business requirements
  • Developing the business case
  • Return on investment modelling
  • Engaging with your stakeholders
  • System and infrastructure review
  • ICT health checks
  • Capacity and performance assessment
  • Gap analysis for current and forecast demands
  • Business mapping – uptime requirements, business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Read more about our approach to ICT strategy in our client case studies.

Learn more about how our innovative ICT solutions can make your business better, call (08) 8413 1000 or complete our Contact form.