Iocane Security Practice – Overview

Information security has moved from a stand-alone silo consideration to an all-encompassing issue which impacts every level of business. It no longer works as an afterthought.

5 Tenets

The Iocane security approach aligns to 5 key tenets:
identify threats, protect the assets, detect problems, respond appropriately and recover swiftly


Simplified Security

The simplified security model challenges a business to:

  1. Define a current state
  2. Decide what kind of risk is acceptable
  3. Decide what level of security is appropriate

Sec lifecycle



So what is Appropriate?

The simplified security model sees the term appropriate as mapped directly to a business need or outcome. In other words, wrapping a security control, solution or process around a particular asset because you should, not because you can

Knowing when you should do something only comes with traceability, and traceability only comes as a by-product of architecture

What kind of architecture?

The term architecture can mean many things to many people, the Iocane security reference model is driven by the SABSA® framework which asks:

What are you trying to do?
are you doing it?
Where are you doing it?
Who is involved?
How are you trying to do it?
Why are you doing it?

Security Service Offerings

Iocane offers several levels of professional security services including:

  • Consulting and Architecture
  • Policy Development
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Risk Assessment Services
  • Engineering Services
  • High Level Logical Design
  • Low Level Logical Design
  • Fault and Root Cause Analysis
  • Ad-Hoc Security Engineering
  • Security Managed Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Download the Iocane security practice overview 1 pager: Iocane Security BrochureV3

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