The challenge

Angas identified their existing ICT environment was no longer meeting their business requirements. Employees were encountering daily difficulties accessing the network and had lost confidence in the poorly performing infrastructure. This was resulting in substantial down time.

The unstable infrastructure platform was running on an outdated server operating system with unsupported hardware and applications. Angas recognised it was only a matter of time before business opportunities would be lost as a result of the network’s lack of operating efficiencies.

The solution

Iocane proposed an initial ICT health check to audit the existing environment and identify the issues. Remedial actions were then taken to rectify the immediate problems and stabilise the ICT environment before deploying an infrastructure refresh solution built around IBM, Cisco and NetApp technologies.

The infrastructure refresh secured the network allowing Iocane to then implement an end-to-end Managed Service to handle the day-to-day ICT support requirements.

The solution also included the deployment of Iocane’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

By having onsite infrastructure and a DRaaS cloud-based solution Angas were able to achieve the added benefit of having a three-site disaster recovery solution for added security.

The benefit

The infrastructure refresh solution has resulted in a secure, stable network that has led to a substantial reduction in lost time as well as improved productivity for the organisation’s staff who now have access to a faster, more reliable and consistent ICT environment.

Iocane’s Managed Service solution has delivered Angas a ‘virtual ICT team’ and a fully outsourced ICT solution that meets business requirements. The day in day out support solution has reduced down time, improved operational efficiencies and saved Angas money.

An added benefit of the Iocane Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), coupled with the NetApp storage solution, is that it can be scaled to meet Angas’ disaster requirements without major capital outflows.

“It is incredibly satisfying to find a project partner that takes ownership of a situation and is committed to finding the right solution for their clients.”

Kate Dermody, Operations Manager
Angas Securities

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