End user demand for access to corporate ICT services using ‘any device, from anywhere’ is driving the move to a centrally provisioned desktop virtualisation model.

Iocane leverages technology from industry leaders such as Citrix, VMware and Cisco to develop remote desktop solutions that simplify administration and management and secure corporate data, while delivering a rich end user experience for commercial businesses.

Organisations face a growing challenge to keep pace with their data, manage access entitlements efficiently and effectively, audit access, identify and involve data owners and find and classify sensitive and business critical data.

Our consultants work with companies to understand internal and regulatory data governance requirements and assist in the deployment of a comprehensive solution using a scalable, flexible and robust framework.

With years of experience supporting business critical systems, Iocane has particular expertise in mapping business uptime requirements, ensuring business continuity and developing and implementing disaster recovery approaches.

We have a long history of helping our commercial sector clients meet their business objectives through efficient IT solutions. Read more about our recent success stories within our client Case Studies.

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